As you start planning your life with your partner and become a happy couple, you must understand the impact of such a union over your surroundings. As a couple, you should always look out for eco-friendly wedding favors to make your special day an example for others.

To start this change, prepare some eco-friendly wedding favors for your guests. In this way, you will be able to showcase your commitment to a greener future. With eco-friendly wedding favors, you can create cherished memories while being mindful of the planet.

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors for Guests

In this article, we will discover 10 simple eco-friendly wedding favors that will make your big day even more memorable and leave a positive footprint on the world!

Floral Hand Fans

We’ve all experienced those scorching weddings where we wish for relief from the heat and sweat, especially after getting all dolled up in full makeup. Well, fear not, you can gift floral hand fans to your guests.

Floral hand fans are not only elegant but also a thoughtful gesture for your guests. With personalized tags featuring your name and wedding date, these eco-friendly wedding favors will surely be appreciated and cherished.

Recycled Bambo Costars

It doesn’t matter if you are picking eco-friendly wedding favors for your guest but what matters the most is the idea behind it and how you give your time in creating something meaningful and personalized.

Recycled Bambo Costers are a perfect pick to be on your eco-friendly wedding favors list. Gifting them to your guests carries a heartfelt message of prosperity and blessings for their journey ahead. Let your guests depart with not only fond memories but also a heartfelt token that speaks volumes about your love for them and the planet we all share.

Hand Made Scented Soaps

Elevate your eco-friendly wedding favors to a new level of luxury and sustainability by adding handmade scented soaps. Crafted with the finest blend of oils, including palm, essential oils, coconut, almond, olive, and castor oil, handmade soaps often act as the best favor for wedding guests.

Your guests are bound to be delighted by this valuable and eco-friendly wedding favors, reflecting your commitment to both their well-being and the planet. Let Handmade Soaps be a symbol of the care and thoughtfulness you put into every aspect of your wedding, ensuring your guests leave with a luxurious token that aligns with your eco-friendly values.

Plantable Wood Sticks

Make your wedding unforgettable and eco-conscious with the unique Plantable Wood Stick seed packets as wedding favors. They are and eco-friendly wedding favors and easy to plant even for kids.

These sticks have embedded seeds and can become a plant when you put them in the soil and water them. Your guests can cherish these plantable gifts or share them with friends, spreading the joy of growth and sustainability.

Seed Packets

Leave a lasting impression on your guests with unforgettable seed packets as favors. Whether you opt for a set or just a single sack, you can easily choose to gift them to your bridal party or every attendee at your wedding.

The adorable seed packets can come in different varieties and you can ask your guests about their preferences and which seed packet would they love to have. So, why not sow the seeds of love and sustainability, making your special day truly memorable for all who share in your joy?


Capture the essence of your everlasting union by presenting your guests with these eco-friendly wedding favors and a meaningful, enduring gift—the succulent. Succulents are not only beautiful but also symbolic of your love’s enduring strength. As your guests take home these little wonders, they’ll be reminded of the precious memories shared on your special day.

Edible Treats

Treat your guests to a sweet surprise by filling Mason jars or recyclable packages with delectable treats to take home. You can bake cookies, and basbosa or you can also offer locally sourced honey to give to your guests.

These thoughtful and eco-friendly wedding favors will surely be cherished by your guests as they savor the delicious treats and reminisce about your special day. It’s a heartfelt way to spread joy and create lasting memories that they can enjoy long after the celebrations are over.

Reusable Tote Bags

Reusable bags make for fantastic and eco-friendly wedding favors, helping to reduce plastic usage and promote sustainability. These versatile bags can be found in various places, from local grocery stores to online retailers, offering a wide range of choices to suit your guests’ preferences.

You have a plethora of options to choose from, including canvas tote bags, shopping bags, cooler bags, waxed canvas bags with a nostalgic paper bag appearance, foldable storage bags, and more. Not only are these reusable bags practical and environmentally conscious, but they also make for memorable mementos for your special day.

Miswaks in Islamic Hamper

Switching to miswaks can have a significant and positive impact on the environment. Many people may not realize the amount of plastic waste generated by regular toothbrushes, which can be harmful to our planet and wildlife.

Miswaks come to the rescue as an alternative eco-friendly wedding favors. They are biodegradable and can be easily composted, reducing plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or oceans.

No Favors

It’s perfectly fine to forgo eco-friendly wedding favors if you have concerns about their impact on the environment and cost. While favors can be a lovely addition to the celebration, they are not essential, and there are many other ways to make your big day special without them.

By choosing to prioritize other aspects of your wedding, such as providing delicious food and drinks for your guests, you show thoughtfulness and care while reducing unnecessary waste. This decision aligns with eco-conscious values and allows you to focus on what truly matters: celebrating your love and sharing precious moments with your loved ones.

Bamboo Straws

Bamboo straws as wedding guest favors offer a charming and eco-friendly touch to your special day. These sustainable alternatives to plastic straws not only add a unique element to your wedding but also align with the growing trend towards environmentally conscious celebrations.

Bamboo straws are not only biodegradable and compostable, but they also exude a rustic and natural aesthetic that complements a variety of wedding themes. By choosing eco-friendly wedding favors like bamboo straws, you’re not only gifting your guests with a practical item but also sharing your commitment to a greener planet, making your wedding an event to remember while leaving a positive impact.

Plantable Seed Paper

Plantable seed paper is a delightful and eco-friendly wedding favors that brings a touch of nature’s magic to your guests. These unique favors are crafted from paper embedded with real flower, herb, or vegetable seeds.

As your guests receive these paper tokens, they not only receive a thoughtful gift but also an opportunity to nurture and grow their own plants. Once the event is over, they can simply plant the paper in the soil, water it, and watch as beautiful plants sprout and bloom.


Flowers are nature’s exquisite gift that holds the power to convey emotions and create unforgettable moments. Incorporating flowers into your wedding adds an enchanting touch of elegance and beauty.

From the bridal bouquet to centerpieces and aisle decorations, flowers create a vibrant and romantic atmosphere. Each bloom has its own unique symbolism, allowing you to personalize your wedding with meaningful choices.


Candles have a magical way of casting a warm and romantic glow that can transform any wedding setting into a mesmerizing wonderland. Whether used as centerpieces, aisle decorations, or ambient lighting, candles create an intimate and enchanting atmosphere.

Their flickering flames symbolize the unity of two souls and add a sense of coziness and charm to your special day. With various shapes, sizes, and scents available, candles can be tailored to match your wedding theme and style.

Lip Balm Favors

Lip balm favors are a thoughtful and practical gift that will keep your wedding guests smiling long after your big day. These little tubes of goodness not only add a touch of pampering to your event but also provide protection and nourishment for lips, especially in changing weather conditions.

Customizable labels and a variety of flavors allow you to match them to your wedding theme or color scheme, adding a personal touch to your token of appreciation.

Organic Tea Blends

Organic tea blends as your eco-friendly wedding favors bring a touch of warmth and comfort to your special day. These thoughtfully crafted blends offer a soothing and aromatic experience for your guests, making them perfect for relaxation after the celebrations.

Whether it’s a blend of herbal infusions, classic black teas, or exotic flavors, organic teas provide a unique and health-conscious gift that resonates with guests. The elegant packaging and personalized labels create a beautiful presentation that fits seamlessly into your wedding decor.

Fair Trade Coffee Blends

Choosing fair trade coffee blends as wedding favors not only adds a touch of luxury but also demonstrates your commitment to ethical and sustainable choices. These rich and aromatic coffee blends are carefully sourced, ensuring that the farmers who cultivate the beans receive fair compensation for their hard work.

Your guests will savor each sip, knowing that they are enjoying a high-quality brew that supports a better livelihood for coffee-growing communities. The elegant packaging and customizable labels make these favors a stylish addition to your wedding decor.

Organic Cocoa

Delight your wedding guests with the warmth and comfort of organic cocoa as thoughtful favors. These velvety blends of ethically sourced cocoa beans offer a rich and flavorful experience that’s perfect for cozy evenings.

By choosing organic cocoa, you’re not only indulging your guests but also supporting sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The charming packaging can be personalized to add a special touch to your wedding decor.

Organic Bath Salts

Treat your wedding guests to a pampering experience with organic bath salts as elegant and soothing favors. Crafted from natural and nourishing ingredients, these bath salts offer a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The delightful aromas and luxurious textures create a spa-like ambiance, allowing your guests to unwind and rejuvenate. These thoughtful favors not only reflect your commitment to their well-being but also align with eco-conscious choices.

Herb and Spice Blend

Add a touch of mystery and flavor to your wedding favors by gifting your guests with a secret herb and spice blend. This unique and personalized gift will intrigue their taste buds and invite them to explore new culinary adventures.

The blend can be carefully crafted to reflect your favorite flavors or even symbolize your journey as a couple. Packaged in charming containers, these favors not only tantalize the senses but also offer a delightful surprise that your guests will cherish.

Bottom Line

There is a plethora of wonderful ways to create a conscious and an eco-friendly wedding favors for your wedding celebration that leave a lasting impression on your guests and our precious planet. Let your love for the Earth shine through on your special day, making it not only a celebration of love but also a beautiful tribute to a greener future.

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