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La Casa Del Tango Restaurant

La Casa Del Tango Restaurant is an undiscovered treasure hidden away in Dubai's busy International Financial Center (DIFC). Enjoy this Argentinian eatery that provides Latin American fare alongside real meals in an environment unique among dining establishments.   Come discover a world where culinary skills meet the rhythmic embrace of Tango dance! I hope that you enjoy your visit to La Casa Del Tango Restaurant; its love and food combined will leave your mouth watering! Let me show you all this charming business has to offer by providing you a glimpse into their offerings, services provided, and their personality - here I hope that is exactly the case for you.  

Review of La Casa Del Tango Restaurant

Before diving in to their delicious offerings and services at Tango Restaurant, it's worthwhile learning a bit more about who runs it all: two passionate chefs named Marco and Isabella have created Tango as their culinary showcase.   Marco hails from Argentina and brings its deep culinary culture with him when it comes to grilling up delicious South American-influenced cuisine - you won't want to miss his succulent steaks and perfectly charred chorizo sausages that'll have your mouth watering!   Isabella is an Italian culinary mastermind. With an unparalleled expertise in handcrafting handmade pasta and creating delectable sauces, her dishes transport you directly back into Italy's rich tradition - where both taste and tradition merge harmoniously.  

What We Offer?

Let's dive right in, shall we? Get ready for an incredible culinary journey at Tango Restaurant's tantalizing menu - prepare yourselves; it is going to be unforgettable.  
  1. Starters that Delight: Tango Restaurant understands that starting off any meal right is as essential as its finale, offering appetizers packed full of tantalizing flavors ranging from the iconic Argentine empanadas (golden parcels filled with delectable goodness) to bruschetta featuring tomatoes, garlic and basil straight from their garden - providing the prelude for an amazing dining experience!
  2. Tango Restaurant's Star Steaks - Steaks: Tango Restaurant has you covered for steak lovers who appreciate masterful grilling! Their steaks at this hotspot showcase this art form beautifully with cuts ranging from lean and tender filet mignon to juicy ribeye prepared to perfection using its secret weapon of smokiness accompanied by its tasty chimichurri sauce that will have your customers licking their plates clean!
  3. Pasta Galore: Isabella's Italian heritage shines through in their handmade pasta dishes, each one created with meticulous care and skill - be it classic spaghetti carbonara, creamy fettuccine alfredo, or something spicy like their penne arrabbiata you are guaranteed an indulgent culinary experience!
  4. Seafood Symphony: When indulging your craving for some ocean delights, Tango Restaurant provides an incredible range of seafood dishes from Argentina's shores all the way down to Mediterranean shores - everything from prawns grilled on an open grille to pan seared salmon is available - each taking you on a voyage of discovery from shores Argentinian shores all the way back into Argentina itself and on through Greece to Greece's coastline and back again!
  5. Vegetarian Delights: Vegetarians rejoice! Tango Restaurant has plenty of offerings that will suit the vegetarian palate - everything from flavorful eggplant parmesan and vegetable stir-fry dishes, to delectable desserts like the delightful strawberry cheesecake! Don't feel as though anything is missing with Tango Restaurant's range of vegetarian delights!
  6. Delectable Desserts: No meal would be complete without something sweet to complete it, and Tango Restaurant's dessert menu features delectable choices like Tiramisu, flan and chocototorta that offer just that sweet touch to finish out any culinary journey on an irresistibly sweet note. Tango Restaurant provides the perfect accompaniment for your meal with its selection of handcrafted cocktails and fine wines - everything from an Argentine Malbec to refreshing mojito. Whatever takes your fancy!
  7. Specials and Seasonal Offerings: Tango Restaurant doesn't just stop with its regular menu offerings - they frequently feature limited-time treats that capture the season or moment! So be sure to ask your server about any seasonal or limited-time specials they might have available!

What Are Our Services?

Tango Restaurant offers more than just great food - we aim to offer an unforgettable dining experience, complete with stellar services that go far beyond culinary needs. Here is just a taste of what awaits our diners here:  
  1. Cozy Ambiance: From the moment you walk through Tango Restaurant's door, it transports you to another world. With warm rustic decor featuring dim lighting and wooden accents that sets an intimate romantic ambience or cozy family get-together atmosphere, Tango offers the ideal atmosphere to linger over food, conversations and linger over one last bite!
  2.  Friendly Staff: At Tango Restaurant, their friendly and accommodating staff take great pride in making every dining experience exceptional. Not only are they attentive but also passionate about the cuisine served here - their staff would love nothing better than helping guide guests through their menu, suggest pairings and guarantee you have an unforgettable dining experience!
  3. Private Dining: Tango Restaurant offers several private dining options perfect for special celebrations, corporate dinners or intimate gatherings - you can reserve an area within their restaurant to ensure privacy and customized service at your event.
  4. Catering Services: When Tango Restaurant can't come directly, their catering services bring it all the same culinary excellence wherever your guests might be located. From wedding receptions and office parties, your guests will experience Tango-quality cuisine no matter where their celebration may take place.
  5. Online Ordering: Sometimes life gets in the way and Tango needs to come right to you - offering online ordering with pickup and delivery so you can savor their delicious dishes in comfort of your own home!
  6. Gift Cards: Need the ideal present for the food enthusiast in your life? Tango Restaurant provides gift cards as the perfect present, giving them access to embark on their culinary adventure at their convenience.
  7. Special Events and Themed Nights: Tango Restaurant regularly holds themed nights that provide wine tasting, live music performances and more to enhance the dining experience for its diners. Keep a lookout on their calendar to catch one of these events for wine tasting or live entertainment to add another layer to the fun and enjoyment.

Who Are We?

Perhaps now you are asking who created such an outstanding experience at Tango Restaurant, Chef Alejandro Ramirez can only be one of them: at La Casa Del Tango his long experience has made every dish uniquely delicious; every plate at La Casa Del Tango Restaurant bears his stamp. Chef Alejandro's love of Argentinean food fuels everything they create here at La Casa Del Tango Restaurant!   Chef Alejandro has long enjoyed cooking and takes great pleasure in creating dishes inspired by his heritage while simultaneously adding modern flare. Every plate that leaves his kitchen is an authentic masterpiece! He ensures flavors remain true, materials used are top tier and every plate created becomes art!   Chef Alejandro has designed Tango Restaurant not just to deliver great cuisine; his focus also encompasses atmosphere, service, and the overall dining experience. Thanks to this dedication to quality and his delicious recipes for both food and tango enthusiasts. Tango Restaurant truly stands out as a culinary gem and represents something truly special: meeting place where both can flourish together!   As people appreciate it so much, Tango Restaurant has earned the moniker "La Casa Del Tango." More than just an eatery, Tango is more like an adventure through the colorful and rich world of Argentine food, an exploration into new tastes, and celebration of life's simple pleasures that make life worthwhile. So next time you find yourself craving an incredible meal out in town or nearby, head straight for Tango Restaurant; both your heart will dance with joy while your tastebuds thank you.  

Reserving at La Casa Del Tango Restaurant:

Booking your table at this delightful Argentine eatery in Dubai couldn't be simpler; simply call [Phone Number] or visit our website and secure yourself an unforgettable dining experience!  
  1. Details About La Casa Del Tango in Dubai: La Casa Del Tango is one of Dubai's finest dining spots, serving authentic Latin American fare alongside lively tango dance performances. Conveniently situated near Dubai International Financial Centre, La Casa Del Tango provides visitors a taste of Argentina.
  2. Table Arrangements and Seating: Our restaurant boasts an intimate yet romantic ambiance thanks to specially selected table arrangements designed to foster intimacy. Whether dining alone, with someone special, or as part of a larger group - our seating arrangements offer something perfect.
  3. Atmosphere and Entertainment: Get immersed in an exquisite ambience filled with the rhythms of Latin dancing through live tango performances that fill the air with their infectious beat. Enjoy not just an enjoyable meal experience; make this event truly memorable with unforgettable entertainment value!
  4. Quality and Recommendation: Dine at La Casa Del Tango for an experience to remember - their authentic Argentinian cuisine and quality steak will leave you wanting more! Their friendly staff is always eager to assist and welcome guests; making this restaurant perfect for either business lunch meetings or romantic dates alike! This restaurant provides the authentic taste of Latin American cuisine! We highly recommend La Casa Del Tango.
  5. Location and Parking: Conveniently situated in the center of the business district, our convenient location makes finding us effortless. Plus, with ample parking spots, so that all that remains to enjoy the experience.
  6. Ambiance and Decoration: Our restaurant creates a romantic setting to set the scene for your dining experience, complete with soft lighting and unique flair that complement Latin American music to set an unforgettable evening atmosphere.
  7. Staff and Experience: At Our professional and friendly staff strives to make sure every visit to The Cheesecake Factory is an outstanding one, from helping select your menu item to making beverage suggestions to making sure it truly memorable dining experiences are at hand.
  8. Experience the magic of La Casa Del Tango Restaurant in Dubai's financial district for yourself; indulge in Latin American fare while watching an exquisite performance by professional tango dancers accompanied by warm ambience in an unforgettable dining experience! La Casa Del Tango promises an extraordinary dining experience in its warm environment that delivers Latin American fare with traditional Latin dance steps, Latin-American dishes and warm hospitality all rolled into one!

Rating and reviews

Customer Experiences and Feedback: La Casa Del Tango customers have shared positive experiences when dining here, from its ambience, tango performances and Latin American food offerings, all the way down to our Latin American-influenced dishes! Take a peek and find out more from those that have eaten here themselves!  
  1. Ratings and Rankings: Over time, our authentic Argentinian cuisine and romantic atmosphere has garnered us top ratings and rankings among restaurants in Dubai.
  2. Popular Dishes and Recommendations: Our guests consistently praise our signature dishes, particularly succulent steaks and empanadas with Latin American flavor profiles. Don't miss these popular choices!
  3. At La Casa Del Tango Restaurant, dining with us isn't simply about filling your stomach - it's an experience. Read through customer reviews to gain a glimpse into the wonderful atmosphere, unique flair, and friendly service that have cemented La Casa Del Tango Restaurant as one of Dubai's premier eateries.

Experience Latin American Culture

At La Casa Del Tango Restaurant in Dubai, we bring a piece of Argentina right here for your enjoyment! Soak in its vibrant Latin American ambience where Argentinian influence permeates every facet of your visit and experience it for yourself!
  1. Dance Performances and Events: Experience the magic of Tango dance performances and other thrilling events that bring rhythmic entertainment into our restaurant - not only is your meal satisfying your hunger; it is an adventure in culture too!
  2. Bar and Drink Specialty Options: Our bar boasts an assortment of drink specialties from classic cocktails to Latin American staples - perfect to complement the dining experience and enhance overall dining pleasure! Sip away!
  Discover Latin American culture at La Casa Del Tango Restaurant in Dubai with tango dance performances, an upbeat environment and our tempting drink specialties at La Casa Del Tango's bar - we provide more than just meals - we bring Latin America alive through entertainment!  
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